PAIN…Par 4

Pain is not a small issue in golf.  To list just a few, pain can interrupt tournaments, ruin careers, cost players millions of dollars not to mention their sponsors and friends who support them.  You name it, if there is a discussion around the subject of golf we can work the idea of pain into that discussion.


Phil Mickelson reacts after missing a 5-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole that would have given him a spot in a playoff. (Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

But…today I don’t want to talk about any of them.  I simply was going through a painful time of soul searching as to how to share my thoughts today which have absolutely nothing to do with golf but a great deal to do with pain, life and death.  (Sorry I couldn’t think of a less painful segue into my thoughts. I know that wasn’t fair. Please, please forgive me.)

But now, on to the idea at hand…

During my quiet time this morning I was the recipient of a vision, a revelation or perhaps one could say an “epiphany.” In order to share effectively with you I must first provide some background from which comes this “epiphany.”

My body, at the moment, is in the “hurt locker.” This is due in large part to my entrusting myself to the recommendations of my doctor. He, a specialist in“upper cervical care”, observed that my skeletal framework is significantly out of alignment at its most crucial intersection—my neck.
I was advised that the “initial” adjustment (remedy) would take only a short period of time, however, that would be just the beginning of the story. He went on to say, it will take significantly longer for the amazing healing powers God has incorporated into our bodies to generate just the right “cradle” that would hold the skeletal structure of my neck in alignment.

He advised me that during this recovery period, some of the discomfort will cease immediately but cautioned that I must persevere with the process because the healing properties of the body work on Gods time not ours. — We don’t want to try “push the river, we want to “let it flow.”*,
He went on to explain that “the pain which sent you to see me is very similar to the pain associated with the recovery process only in reverse order, so I don’t want you to expect it to subside immediately.”

In essence what he was saying is don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel the pain go away immediately, the system is now working in reverse, you are backing out of the discomfort—i.e. the onset of pain  which prompted you to visit – 1st  tingling, 2nd aching, and finally throbbing—In relief – 1st the throbbing will cease, 2nd the aching, and last the tingling.

Now to the “Epiphany”…

As I sat pondering my treatment and the events of the past few days the revelation struck me as to how similar this healing process is to the one that has played out in my spiritual life as well.

Jesus—My spiritual doctor—performed the spiritual adjustment of my soul necessary to bring me into alignment with the desires of Our Father (God) and then God sent the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort me as the Trinity continues to provide new material to help bolster the cradle necessary to keep my soul in alignment with The Father continuously— on into eternity with Him

I am so thankful that my eternal destiny is secure, the fix is in, the adjustment has been made. I have been adopted into God’s kingdom, I am a child of God!

I am also very thankful for the pain that comes along to remind me when I begin to stray off course and to feel that pain subside as I respond to the “tugs” of the Holy Spirit to adjust or alter course back towards the center of Gods will for my life. What a gift to feel the pain subside. One can almost sense a big neon sign flashing “HEALING IN PROGRESS.’

As a coping mechanism, I am adopting the posture that I am in the “Hurt Locker” because “healing is in progress” and, to me, the pain is well worth the long term/eternal gain.

* Confucius

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