What Brings you back…? Par 5

What Brings you back…?


Do you have a golf course or two in mind that, given the chance, you would play again and again and again…?  Think for a moment.  What is it about that course or those courses that beckons you back—heart, mind and soul?CIMG0110Torre Pines Golf Course

LaJolla, CA

Is it affordability or, perhaps, the layout?  Is it a course that keeps your energy up?  (Why would anyone want to repeatedly play a boring venue—read “goat track”? LG)  Is it a course designed with finesse, embracing the geography of its surroundings?

Is it challenging yet forgiving if you play it the way the course designer intended?  Let “par” be your benchmark—if you play decently you should be able to par all of the holes, not necessarily all in the same round but upon occasion when you are “on your game.”

Is beauty or location a factor in your choice?  Is it near or adjacent to an ocean or lake or perhaps carved out of the woods or into the foothills of a mountain?  Are wind or calm factors in your selection? It is amazing what a great golf course architect—I think of them as artists—can do with a canvas and palette provided by the Maker of All Things—that is to say God.

Does the course you have in mind provide you with a take no prisoners setting, bringing on one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after another from first swing to last putt?  Or, on the flip side does it provide you with the opportunity for moments of sharing and/or solitude?

Is it a course that seems to never play the same twice, providing you with a fresh experience each time you play? Does it demand that you not only incorporate the lessons you have learned in the past but also challenges you to learn from and adjust to the moment?

Finally, does the course in your minds eye stand up well in all calendar seasons AND all seasons of life?

Having put your course to the test of these questions and any others you might add, take a breath, relax for a moment and reflect.

As  you have pawed through your treasure chest of golf memories and experiences, do you feel a sense of exhilaration as all of your senses kick in?  Can you hear the sounds of the course, smell the foliage and the freshly mowed grass?  Can you see the emerald green fairways and all the things that make your course special?  Can you feel the wind on your skin and sense the sound of silence that surrounds you?

Do you feel a sense of Joy as you transport yourself to those venues and moments?  I know I do.

Now, humor me for just a moment longer and take the same sorting criteria we used for identifying that special course that beckons you back for yet another four hours to reprise those moments of exhilaration and joy and shift your thinking from golf courses to books.

What book do you enjoy so much that would gladly and repeatedly spend four hours in the future delving into its pages?

Does it keep your energy up?  Does it embrace you with its finesse?  Is it challenging yet forgiving in its content?  Does it provide “benchmarks” for navigation purposes?  Do you see beauty within its pages? Is it a book that generates fresh, current thoughts each time you read it?  Is it a book you can continue to learn from?  Is it a book for each calendar season and each season of life? Is it a book that provides for you both moments of sharing and moments of solitude? Is a book that, as you read it, brings you joy and replenishment?

I have only one book in my entire library that meets all of these criteria and more…it’s my Bible. I visit with it daily—it talks to me as I read it.

If you own a copy I encourage you to visit it often.  It’s amazing how prescient it is.  If you don’t have a copy I encourage you to get one.  To paraphrase an old slogan I heard in my earlier years…“try it, you might like it.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. Larry, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an analogy between a golf course in the Bible quite like the one you described in your blog. You have some great insights for us to glean!


    • Hey John – As always your feedback generates a glow in my heart. By the by, didn’t Jesus say “…I am with you always, even to the end of the age”? (Matt. 28:20 NLT) That says to me he is always with me even on the golf course as well. 🙂


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