Autumn is comin’… Par 4

Can you believe it?  As I sit writing this post, it is mid-summer but the weather feels like it’s the end of September.  Recently I had the privilege of playing a quick nine holes with three of my friends, all but one of whom is on the north side of sixty years  old and still climbing. This simple age observation reminded me that “autumn” eventually comes for each of us.


The round was no big deal in and of itself, but it came on the heels of a week in which I had already played three rounds and put in a day of practice ( I know: Que the violins).  Needless to say—as was to be expected, after a three week hiatus from the game—I was a little rusty and my joints a bit stiff, all of which lead to poor swing mechanics and “insulted’ muscles which tend to talk back when treated poorly.  (Ouch!!!)   My body is in the “autumn” of its years—seven months short of seventy.  But—and here’s the good news for me—My body may be getting a bit weary,  but my Heart and Soul are filled with energy, excitement and purpose.

I chose to include the picture above because it appropriately represents the season of life I am enjoying—autumn.  Living in the mid-west, autumn is without a doubt the most colorful season of the year and I have a treasure trove full of autumn memories— a great many of which are of afternoons, playing golf under crisp blue skies with zesty fresh breezes assaulting my face and gorgeous multi-hued sunsets accompanying the finish of my rounds.

At this juncture in my life I am no longer drawing a paycheck for my efforts.  That by no means  indicates that I am “retired”!   I am fully employed—self-employed.   Yes, I am my own boss.  And as such, I get to choose how I spend every single moment of the remaining time God has given me.  Sooo…What’s next? If you are in the same boat as me, I ask you the same question—What’s next?

As you are well aware, if you have read any of my previous blogs, I love the game of golf and I play as often as I can—within the boundaries of my conscience and my wallet.  So—not being the keeper of the “pink slip” on my time in this world.  I could play golf every day until my allotted time is up.  Or…I could put the sticks away now, figuratively, jump in my easy chair, turn on ESPN and sit glassy-eyed with my grand-kids on my lap and munch popcorn to the end.  Or…I could establish multiple residences in different parts of the country to take full advantage of the seasons and bounce (seasonally) from place to place.  Or…I could travel the world to all the places I still want to see (as long as Medicare is available wherever I go 🙂 ) Or…(You fill in the blank)

Or…because I believe this life is merely a pregnancy—a preparation/training ground— for birthing me into eternity—an eternity Jesus said will be more beautiful, exciting and full of adventure than anything I can conceive in my mind—an eternity forever in the presence of my Master and The One who paved the way for this fantastic opportunity (Jesus), I could choose… to apply the remainder of my life, as I go about my everyday living, to sharing the “good news” of my masters invitation to share that eternity with him.  I like this option.  It fills my soul, instead of leaving a vacancy that gnaws to be filled, and it lends eternal purpose to this season of my life.  I am confident that it will bring out the best in me for the benefit of others as well as myself.

I have chosen this last option.  As a result of this choice I have committed to my Maker to:

  • Keep my eyes, ears and heart open in anticipation of the opportunity to share the invitation I received and accepted to join His eternal celebration to any and all who have an interest.
  • I will be prepared to share the “good news” in a gentle and respectful manner.
  • I will be prepared t0 help others respond to His invitation.

What about you?  What’s your option of choice? What are you committed to for the remainder of your life?  What’s your eternal purpose? 

Remember, as I have heard it said, “if you aren’t dead, you aren’t done.”

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