The “raw truth”… Par 4


When I look at the picture below I see the faces of wisdom and experience.  I see guys who have looked  “raw truth” in the eye and taken it on…successfully!  Seen here are Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, posing after hitting their ceremonial drives on the first tee during the first round of the this years Masters Golf  Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

The “Big Three”

Extra Golf - Masters Big 3 - 3 dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls                                                                                                                        (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

These men, each a legend in their own right, have become the preeminent Ambassadors of the modern day game of Golf.  They have a lot in common, these three. They have all been imminently successful, both on and off the golf course. They have each plied their hearts, minds, skills, gifts and talents and made the most of their God  given Gifts.

They have put in “a full days work for a full days pay.”  Their faces share the marks and stories of weathering many a storm, both physical and emotional. Throughout their careers they have played out a script laced with a “raw truth” voiced by one of their elder, and now deceased, colleagues, Bobby Jones.

Hummmm!  Sounds like something I read in my Bible.  (Check out Exodus 20:1-17)

Another thing is evident to me in this picture.  These men appear to have more of their lives behind them than in front.—a situation I share with them..  What lies ahead of them, and for you and me as well, is the ultimate “raw truth.”  We all will eventually pass (die) and move into the next reality and a mandatory appointment with our Maker. The results of that meeting will determine our destiny.

I, for one, am looking forward to that appointment, are you? 

Is there anything you need to do to”get ready” for your appointment? (See Romans 3:21-27)

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  1. Posted by Jts on June 20, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    Nice to see you writing again


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