“Interrupted” … Par 4

I have committed to myself to do all that I can to keep up a weekly pace for posting this blog. And, I have asked a friend of mine to “hold my feet to the fire” i.e. to hold me accountable for sticking to that schedule. Interesting to me, today, I feel compelled to speak for a moment on a subject that is only tangentially related to golf—being “interrupted.”


                                                                             Prairie Landing Golf Club, West Chicago IL

While it is true the game of golf is fraught with frequent interruptions of various stripe. I seldom think of those interruptions as being life shattering—frustrating for sure but not life shattering. But today, my life has been interrupted due to the recent death of the brother of a close friend of the family. We will attend a visitation—wake—tonight and tomorrow we will assemble to celebrate his life—interrupted, cut short as it was.

I know very few of the details of his passing other that he was out with a friend, lost consciousness twice, was taken to the Hospital and did not survive the night. His wife and family members did not expect this tragic, irrevocable “interruption” in their lives.

This sad event has caused me to pull up for a few moments of reflection about my life. I may not have the privilege of being told: “you have 3 months to live, we suggest that you take this time to get your affairs in order.” Just thinking about the idea of “passing”— or to use a more foreboding term, “dying”—could be unsettling to me.

It is not!

Whether it is within the hour, day or year, in this decade or the next, it is no longer unsettling. Because of the gift of Jesus SACRIFCE on my behalf, and my acceptance of that gift, He has promised me eternal life with him. That means that whenever the time comes for me to pass—when I graduate—I will move from life in this world to life eternal with Him in the blink of an eye. I am no longer concerned about my passing. I can rest easy in the knowledge that my life in this world and the next are in his hands. My destiny is secure. He Promised!

What promises are you banking on if your life is “interrupted”?

My Random House Dictionary provides, as one of its definitions of interrupt: “to stop, to cease or leave off, either momentarily or permanently.”

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by John Smith on May 30, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Thanks for your insightful comments. It’s ALL about perspective. An interruption from our viewpoint “could be unsettling to me.” God’s viewpoint He had it planned all along.


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