Fix it…NOW! Par 4

For years I have carried a “green repair tool” in my pocket—that little scoop device that is used to facilitate the repair of ball marks on a green—my preferred form of yard work. While I am not always on the golf course, I always carry my repair tool with me. Why would you do that, you ask?


Green Repair Tool

Several years ago a Greens Superintendent shared some simple insights regarding golf course maintenance with me. He noted that if a ball mark (dent) on the green is repaired within fifteen minutes—the time it takes for a slow foursome to play the hole—the green will return to normal in about 24 hours. If the damage is left unattended for just an hour it takes approximately two weeks for the same repair to occur.

It settled into my heart that these same phenomena are present regarding my relationships with those around me. If I create an emotional dent in one of my personal relationships—I think of them as “greens” of the relationship—and I move quickly to repair the dent, the healing time (and forgiveness time) is nominal. If, however, I put off effectively dealing with the dent, the healing process takes much longer and to consequences dig much deeper into the relationship.

Hence, for several years now, my green repair tool has been a silent “pocket partner” to remind me to “…not let the sun go down on your (my) anger” (Ephesians 4:26 NIV), whether I am the offender or the offended. It’s always my turn to extend the hand of healing, sooner than later.

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