Golf: Setbacks Par 4

Anyone who plays golf can empathize with this situation.

I am an amateur golfer—by every definition—my game is fraught with “setbacks.”  Whether its a shot that has exited the premisses—stage left or right—dribbled off the front of the tee box, gone for a swim or just plain wouldn’t cooperate with my plan, it’s a “setback”!  How I approach these setbacks has a significant impact on the rest of my game.

In order to keep from moving from a poorly executed  or ill advised shot to an irrevocably tarnished round—when my body and mind have betrayed me—I find  it very helpful go through the 3G’s—BEFORE stepping into position for my next swing.  These 3G’s include:

1.  Grieve – Give myself a moment to lament the error of my ways and the incumbent misfortune that has occurred and “forgive myself” (I’m not a worthless piece of slime.  Stuff happens.  My swing does not define me)

2.  Grow –  Sift through the remnants of the damage for clues of what happened—what can I learn?  What do I need to do differently next time?

3.  Go – Go through my pre-shot routine of what I need to do right—notice I said “what needs to go right “NOT” what do I need to keep from doing”—and then pull the trigger.

This routine has made my golf game AND my LIFE GAME much more enjoyable.

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