Golf: Choices …Par 4

The Game of Golf is a wonderful gift.

Life is a wonderful Gift.

In Golf, I must choose and execute my own shots.  No one is allowed to play for me.

In Life, I am responsible for my choices and behavior.  No one can live my life for me.

In Golf, the consequences are either positive or negative for each shot I play.

In Life, the consequences are either positive or negative depending on my choices and behavior.

In Golf, I, or one of my playing partners, keep the score.

In Life, God keeps the score.

In Golf, I have to finish the round and record my score for the round to count.

In Life, I will  “finish the round” and God will record my score for me.  And it will count.

In Golf, the score I post will last throughout history.

In Life, my score will live into eternity.

In competition Golf, one of my partners will attest to the accuracy of my scorecard.

In Life, God will validate my final score and Christ will “attest” to its accuracy.

A perfect round of Golf is mathematically improbable.  I can never shoot a perfect score.

God is perfect and demands a perfect sinless score in my Life.  I will never be perfect on my own.

In Golf, I have no choice, but to post my less than perfect score. In Life, I have a choice of which score will be carried into eternity, perfect or less than perfect.

In Golf, I choose which course I will play.

In Life, I choose which “course” I will play for eternity.  I can choose to drive into the Darkness or into the Light.  I can choose to believe or not to believe.  I have been given the lifetime gift of choice.

I have chosen God’s Improvement Plan, how about you?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by John on July 22, 2011 at 4:07 am

    This is really great. you are starting to get the hang of this blog thing.


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