Golf: Delicate Territory …Par 4

A Golf Course is a marvelous collaborative creation between God and man.  God created the terrain on which the course resides and man, using the creative gifts and talents granted him by God, impresses into that terrain a manicured landscape specifically designed to challenge and delight those wanting to play the game of golf.

Par 3 #16

Cypress Point, Monterrey Peninsula

This “hybrid” terrain requires constant attention and more than a little care to keep it in top-notch playing shape.  It takes a precise recipe that includes: light, air, water, rest, herbicides, pesticides, pruning, mowing and raking, tender loving care and attention to detail. Each of these ingredients must be added in just the right amount.  All of this is done under the watchful eye of a Greens-keeper  tasked with the ongoing challenge of maintaining a vibrant, healthy golf course.

I am fascinated to note that at the core of my being resides a wonderful gift, a soul–the Green of my life, uniquely crafted for me alone by the creator of all things.  This observation has led me to consider several questions. “Do I treat this precious entity with the respect and care it deserves?   Am I applying the appropriate ingredients and paying attention to the things so vital to maintaining its vibrancy and health?  What am I feeding and how am I attending to my “Soul/green” for this life and life eternal?”

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