Golf: Course Conversion …Par 3

The Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course was the site of a sawmill, from 1916 to 1988, first as the Rutledge Timber Company, and from 1933 as the Potlatch Lumber Company. It was shut down in the early 70’s and sat idle until the Hagadone Corp. purchased it in 1988. Keeping the vision of a golf course and a floating green before them, the new owners set out to clean up the property.  They removed hundreds of old pilings, took out hundreds more sunken logs, cleaned up the lake bottom and shore, demolished a large number of buildings and turned it into the beautiful, environmentally friendly, world-class golf resort it is today.

The transformation  story of this golf course amazes me.  The owner of the property had a vision of what the property could become.  He knew the price would be high but considered the cost to be worth the end result.  So he paid the price and converted the property into a vibrant jewel, full of life and beauty for all to see and enjoy.

This is similar to the story of the transformation God has in mind for each of us—if we will allow Him..  He will spend the time and clear  the junk out of our lives and plant new and everlasting life within us to claim us as His children, bright and shining jewels, if we allow

Which do you choose the before or the after?

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