Golf: My “15th Club” …Par 4

Have you ever gone to the golf course intent on taking a break from the weight of the stresses, worries, sorrows, etc. of the moment only to find that they have come with you, invading your sanctuary and disrupting the serenity you so deeply desired? I have.

When this occurs, I take two action steps:

First – I Turn off the smart phone!  Taking the office to the course is not “taking a break.”  It heightens my anxiety  that in turn harms my game.

Second – I Reflect on the words of King David–of Biblical fame:

“I will look to the mountains–does my help come from there?                          

My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

He will not let me stumble; the one who watches over me will not slumber.

Indeed he who watches over me never slumbers. 

The Lord himself watches over me.  

The Lord stands beside me as my protective shade.

The sun will not harm me by day nor will the moon at night.

The Lord keeps me from all harm and

preserves my life.  The Lord keeps watch over me as I come and as I go, both now and forever.”                                              Psalm 121 (NLT) Personalized – LG

I consider this passage my “15th club” and pull it out often.  It has helped my game significantly.  Try it, it might help your game as well.

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