Golf: Three Musts …..Par 3

Recently I have had challenges with my putting.  My ball has seemed to have a mind of its own, often choosing a direction different than I—its “Master”—intended.  So I have repaired to the practice mat and stroked hundreds of putts to figure out what I needed to do to effectively communicate and execute my primary putting desire—get the ball in the cup more regularly. Much to my delight, my practice revealed three simple absolute “Musts” I need to follow to my sink more putts.

First, I need to Focus on the moment—what do I need to do right now?  What’s the strategy?  What’s the line to the target?  What’s the best speed?  In short I need to discern what the situation dictates.

Second, I need to Commit to a line and pace—full on, no second-guessing.  Second-guessing—which causes hesitation— can ruin my golf game and even get me killed.

Third, I need to Follow-through on my chosen strategy—Focus and Commitment without Follow-through are useless.

In putting that means once I have settled in over my putt, having established the putt line and pace in my mind’s eye, I need to keep my head in the present—not doing any kind of “lookie yonder” or second-guessing, no sneaking a peek early which pulls my body off the intended target.  These distracting activities are a sure fire way to send my putt anywhere but into the cup.

Interestingly enough I have discovered that these “3 musts”—Focus, Commit, Follow-through (FCF)—demand consideration in every aspect of my Game from tee through green. And, the more I think about it, this process transcends golf and is applicable to every sector of my life—family, financial, career, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual.  I can gain tremendous insight into any area of my life by asking:

Am I focused on the issue?  Am I committed to a specific plan of action? How is my follow-through?

Once I have responded honestly to these three questions, the challenge becomes:  what will I do with what I have learned?

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