Golf: The Most Beautiful Round We Never Saw…..Par 4

Have you ever been confronted with this situation?

You get up in the morning full of anticipation.  You’ve carved a hole in your schedule to get in an enjoyable round of golf with a friend.  You look outside and it’s foggy or it’s raining.  What do you do?  Do you play?  Do you “wait it out”?  Or do you postpone and go back to bed?

I had just this situation occur this week.  I got up, looked outside and saw that it was raining. About that time my phone rang. It was my friend asking if we should postpone—again—or gut it out and hope for the best.  We agreed to meet in the club coffee shop in forty-five minutes and assess the situation.

Shortly after starting my trip to the course—lights on and windshield wipers on “intermittent”— my mind began to wander to two summers before.

We were scheduled to play our first of two rounds at Bandon Dunes Golf resort.  The venue, situated along the wilderness coast of Oregon, enjoyed a great deal of good press and we were anticipating our opportunity to experience the courses and their rugged beauty.  We were expecting it all, but…

Pacific Dunes #13

Oil by: Joshua Smith

…as we were sitting in the coffee shop waiting for our tee time the fog encroached from the sea swallowing the courses in a dense, wet, white blanket.  Visibility dropped to a maximum of 50 yards.  We could hardly see the tee much less the fairway or any of the hole surroundings.

The question became, “Do we stay in the coffee shop or do we play?”  Our decision–we paid to play, we ain’t sittin’ here!  With an appropriate adjustment in clothing–to rain gear–we headed to the tee to experience one of the “most beautiful rounds we never saw.”  Our caddies were seasoned young men who knew the course well and gave us excellent guidance even though we rarely saw our ball after its first thirty yards of flight.

Somewhere in the midst of our round one of the most surreal and awe-inspiring things I have ever experienced occurred.  We were being guided down a fairway–I know not which–when my wife, suddenly pointed, whispering, “stop…look” There, perhaps ten paces from us, stood three deer, grazing in the rough.  They slowly looked up from their lunch, noticed us and then went back to eating as if this was the way life was supposed to be. They weren’t skittish, they didn’t turn and run, they simply looked up for a moment and then settled back to grazing .

I was astonished.  Never had we been so close to creatures in the wild, that seemed to be so totally at ease with us.  What a treat.    It was as if we had been given a small glimpse of heaven where peace reigns.  The tranquility of the moment was astounding and while I am aware that my human mind cannot fully conceive what I will experience in heaven, this small glimpse will keep me running toward life with my Dad, the Creator of all things, forever.

The next time you are tempted not to play because of some nominal inconvenience just think what you might miss.  God has said “I am with you always”

I believe him.

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