Golf: Sometimes “…it ain’t easy!” …Par 3

Picture this if you can:

My foursome is four and half hours into a round with two holes still to play in an round that should have taken no more than four hours.  To make matters worse, the foursome in front of us is on the green, stalking every put as if maintaining possession of the “Ryder Cup” lay squarely on their shoulders.  At the same moment I hear from behind us the distant cry of that dreaded word, “Fooorrre”, as a ball comes to rest nor more than five paces from my feet.

What do I do?

a)    Pick up the offending ball—they should have known better than to hit into us.

b)   Give the offender a quick bit of international sign language, shout back “what’s your hurry you bleepin jerk?” and hit the ball back to him.

c)    Give similarly laced instructions to the group in front regarding their slow play.

d)   Give the offender the ol’ “no problem wave” while energetically considering a “triple play” of a,b and c.—I’ll set’em all straight!

e)    Follow my “Do-List”—as outlined in my June 6 blog—show Grace, Love and Understanding in the situation i.e. “love my neighbor.”

The obvious, and politically correct, answer is “e” to which you might justifiably respond, “…Yah, yah, yah, blah, blah, blah, that’s great ‘Lar’ but it just ain’t that easy!”

You’re absolutely right.  It ain’t!  But it is a choice, a choice not unlike those we get to make daily in other facets of our lives.  In Golf and in “all things Life” we are challenged with an unavoidable parade “high road/low road choices.

In the book Seven Habits of Highly Successful People , Stephen Covey states, “…between stimulus and response, we have the opportunity to choose that’s what separates us from the animals.” 

I have the opportunity, and yes, the obligation, to choose what my response will be.  What’s the right choice for me?  Will I build or burn a bridge?  Will I court delight or disaster?

The choice is mine……and yours.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by jeffcaliguire on June 9, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Yeah, so I’m assuming that was most likely my ball headed for you! (if it wasn’t it was a relative) And I thought that I was doing the loving thing simply by saying “Foorre!” Thanks for the grace!


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