Golf: Do I do…or…do I don’t? …Par 3

Given.  We all want to “play well.”

The question is what approach do we choose to reach that “play well” goal?  Do I “do” or do I don’t”

A number of years ago, during an afternoon round of golf with my daughter, we stepped the tee of a particular hole that seemed to be fraught with potential disaster.  She looked out over the hole and said, “man there’s a lot of trouble out there.”  I chuckled and said “yup (pause) …just pick a target in the fairway and go for it.”  She did and to her surprise her shot came to rest in the middle of the fairway on track with her intended target.

What made her relax and hit a descent shot was that she had put aside all the “don’ts”—don’t go in the bunkers the lake or the rough— and focused on the “do’s.” She picked a wise target, focused on it and pulled the trigger with confidencethree simple critical success factors.

My life experience is that I am much more successful when I focus on the few critical factors necessary for success as well.  Scripture specifically encourages this approach of focusing on the “do’s”, providing a simple two point “Do-List” for a “well played” life:

“…love the Lord with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind…and…love your neighbor as yourself.     (Matthew 21:37-39  NLT)

Amidst all the bunkers, hazards and rough that life can lay out before me, Wisdom (Jesus) lays out a simple two-point “Do-List” to follow. My Challenge, will I burden myself with the never ending list of don’ts that can plague my life or will I opt for the short list of Do’s necessary for a good life?  Will I focus on the things that might go wrong or the things I want to do right.  Will I function out of fear or hope?

My choice…I’ll take the “Do-List.

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